Western Utility Featured in Nationwide Advertising Campaign for Infrastructure Work in Chicago

Western Utility was recently chosen by Case, a worldwide provider of construction equipment, to have our job sites and teams featured in the CASE-103_K6v5_TLB_Ce_LRcompany’s new advertising campaign.

“To have a world class company choose Western Utility to showcase their product line speaks volumes about our dedication to safety, quality and performance on the job,” said Bill Sanchez, director of business development, Western Utility. “We couldn’t be more honored to have work we have been doing diligently in the city of Chicago for nearly 20 years showcased in these ads,” Sanchez added.

CASE-159_3YR_TLB_300x600_Static_WUWork featured in the ads depicts aerial and underground infrastructure work for a national telecommunications company throughout the city of Chicago. Specifically, the ads show the equipment used to perform enhancements of existing fiber infrastructures within the city and surrounding counties.  

“There are a number of challenges working in and around the city,” Sanchez explained. “The safety of the public, as you can imagine, is our top priority,” he added. “Our crews utilize traffic control equipment and a great deal of highly visible signage to promote pedestrian awareness of our work to keep everyone safe.”

IMG_1605 (2)Sanchez also pointed out that knowing how to secure permits in the city is an added benefit that Western Utility brings to the table for clients.

In addition to infrastructure work, Western has also completed fiber splicing and 24/7 emergency work for this national telecommunications client.

“We’ve enjoyed a two-decade relationship with our client and will always do our best to ensure this relationship continues,” stated Sanchez.