Safety & Quality

Safety and quality are key components of our company culture at Western Utility. The health, safety and quality of our work sites is and has always been our top priority. Even one injury is unacceptable to our team.

It is critical that we have a heightened sense of safety at Western because many of our projects are completed in and around the general public. Every team member – from the college intern to the Western-Utility-UniversityPresident- receives extensive safety training. And, we don’t just train
our people once. We continually update every team member’s safety knowledge and skills through continuing education classes held at our very own Western Utility University, an in-house training facility we launched in 1997.

We also strive to be an industry leader in safety by utilizing the latest technology for our equipment and processes. This not only minimizes risk and creates a safe work environment, but it also improves productivity, saves time and reduces costs, the benefits of which are all passed on to our clients.

Everyone on our staff is trained to Extensive Operator Qualification compliance guidelines. All local, state and federal OSHA safety guidelines are followed to the letter.

And last but not least, we create safe working environments with good old fashioned cleanliness. It is a proven fact that a clean, organized job site is a safe job site.

The result of our culture of safety? By following strict OSHA guidelines and maintaining comprehensive safety programs, Western has been able to offer our clients an unparalleled safety record.