HOPE TEC Recognizes Western Utility

Western Utility was recently recognized for our good work and efforts with the Hope Technology and Education Center (HOPE TEC), a not-for-profit organization established in 2010 dedicated to serving some of the most technologically disadvantaged communities in America. Located on 61st Street in Chicago, HOPE TEC empowers adults though computer training programs, essential life skills workshops and job readiness training programs. Additionally, they provide a host of youth enrichment programs.

group-pic“It’s an honor and a privilege to be accepting this award from the Hope Technology and Education Center on behalf of the Western Utility team,” said Tim Hayes, president, Western Utility. “And, I purposely say our team because it is the hard work of our team and their belief in giving back to our community that makes it possible for our organization to support life-changing programs like those offered by HOPE TEC.

“We are especially proud to be part of the reason that HOPE TEC has been able to serve hundreds of students since opening in 2011. It is humbling that many of our own people came from families that would have been served by this great organization,” Hayes shared. “And while we are honored to accept the award, we really want to thank HOPE TEC for their diligent work to increase digital literacy, workforce development and health awareness in disadvantaged communities,” he added.

More information about HOPE TEC can be found at http://www.hopetec.org/.