Western Utility Employees Treated to Breakfast Tacos

As a way to thank employees for all of their hard work, Western Utility treated employees to breakfast tacos! The University Park Yard was served on Wednesday, July 20 and Chinatown Yard received their treat on Thursday, July 21.

IMG_1719“We were looking for something fun and different and found Amanecer Breakfast Tacos, which is a mobile food service that uses a Smart Car to deliver homemade breakfast tacos in the area,” said Western Utility’s Human Resources Generalist Jennifer Del Real. A variety of freshly made, warm breakfast tacos were served to the hungry crowds.

Amanecer’s breakfast tacos are made with fresh-cooked flour tortillas and stuffed with a variety of breakfast fillings such as eggs, meats, beans, and cheeses, and topped with fresh salsa. The IMG_1723ingredients are high quality, organic and made daily.

“Amanecer means “sunrise” so we thought it was fitting for our breakfast tacos,” said Amanecer Tacos Owner Ana Vela. “When you wake up early to start your day, we’ll be there to serve you a fresh breakfast taco,” she added.

IMG_1717Originally from San Antonio, Texas, the Velas have been living in Chicagoland for the past 5 years. “We love Chicago, but were amazed to discover that breakfast tacos didn’t really exist in the Midwest so decided to do something about it and open a breakfast taco business,” she added.

Thanks to Western Utility President Tim Hayes for sponsoring the event, as well as Business Development Director Bill Sanchez helping make it happen!